PINSEKIRKEN wants to be a church for you! A place of fellowship, faith and wonder.
We want to be a “church for life” – your life!
Bring “all of you” and come!

PINSEKIRKEN is part of the Pentecostal movement in Norway and is located in Kolbotn, right by Solbråtan train station.

PINSEKIRKEN is a church that is open to everyone of all ages and nations,

Every week:

Every other Tuesday(even weeks) prayer & worship at 1800
Every other weeks(odd weeks) prayer & worship at 1100

Tuesday(odd weeks) MARRIAGE COURSE at 1900 – 2130
The teaching takes place on film in English (Norwegian subtitles).
In the MARRIAGE COURSE, only the couple talks together.

Every Thursday we arrange Alpha at. 19.00-21.00.
Read more about what Alpha is on the international pages of

At Alpha, we build relationships, eat together and watch documentaries that address vital topics.
All the films are in English with Norwegian subtitles and in small groups we talk about the topics.
We recommend everyone who does not believe, everyone who is new to Norway, new to Kolbotn, new in Nordre Follo or new in the church to join Alpha.

In Alpha you get to know God, yourself and many nice people, better.
You can register at or send an email to: and we can help you.